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Insight: Learn about the latest developments in Supply Chain processes, practices and technologies from thought leaders, academics, analysts and suppliers to help your organisation optimise operational efficiencies, improve service, innovate and maximise profits.
Share: Connect and collaborate with your peers from the Supply Chain industry, network with colleagues and make new beneficial relationships where you can discuss ideas and experiences.
Compare: Evaluate your organisation’s performance with companies across industry sectors, and learn about best practices and metrics from leading organisations that will help you benchmark your operations.


Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) is a global community of Supply Chain professionals dedicated to networking and sharing of knowledge, experience, best practice and research analysis in order to help the member organisations learn how to improve their Supply Chain Management processes.

We collaborate with supply chain associations, leading supply chain practitioners, thought leaders, academics, analysts, end-users and supplier organisations to provide the latest system thinking and supply chain knowledge to help senior managers understand what strategies and solutions they need to employ in their organisations in order to achieve Supply Chain Operational Excellence.

'ISC’ Academy


Through the 'ISC’ Academy we help all companies develop their employees and overall organisation Supply Chain capability. We train and coach at all levels helping the organisation to drive innovation and increase business effectiveness. With our help, your teams will help you align your supply chain strategy to customer and business needs and effect the processes and governance required to deliver it.

In a time when Supply Chain Management requires greater skills and capability at all levels as well as an ability to collaborate both within the organisation and externally the need is to improve and hold on to your best and brightest talent, to help educate, develop and lead them to be innovators for your organisation.

Based on the strengths of our trainers and our network of supply chain expertise we can teach and coach you to achieve your supply chain objectives.

'ISC’ Conferences


At ‘ISC’ Conferences, our members have an unrivalled opportunity to meet, network and learn from recognised industry experts, fellow practitioners and best in class solution providers. Through key trends analysis and end-user case studies we enable the companies to benchmark their own operations against industry standards and identify improvement opportunities in all aspects of their supply chains. We offer insight into how to innovate and leverage new technologies to drive operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

Working and partnering with organisations like APICS Supply Chain Council, ELUPEG (European Logistics Users Providers & Enablers Group), TEDAR (Turkish Supply Chain Association) and Supply Chain Insights, we bring together industry experts to help disseminate information and educate senior level delegates on how to improve their Supply Chain and Logistics strategies in order to achieve Supply Chain Excellence.

'ISC’ Talent


At ‘ISC’ Talent we work with individuals, companies and vendor clients to help find the right person for that job or project that needs to be filled. If you would like to know how ‘ISC’ Talent can help you either find the right job or the right candidate, please contact us here and provide details about your requirements.

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