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Insight: Learn about the latest developments in Supply Chain processes, practices and technologies from thought leaders, academics, analysts and suppliers to help your organisation optimise operational efficiencies, improve service, innovate and maximise profits.
Share: Connect and collaborate with your peers from the Supply Chain industry, network with colleagues and make new beneficial relationships where you can discuss ideas and experiences.
Compare: Evaluate your organisation’s performance with companies across industry sectors, and learn about best practices and metrics from leading organisations that will help you benchmark your operations.

'ISC' Conferences

‘Integrated Supply Chain’ is a global series of annual networking and knowledge sharing national conferences across industry sectors in the form of an ‘Integrated Learning Programme’.

'ISC' Conferences deliver a comprehensive understanding of how organisations can improve their Supply Chain, IT, Procurement, Purchasing, and Logistics processes and operations.

Working primarily with the APICS Supply Chain Council, we bring together industry experts to help disseminate information and educate senior level delegates on how to improve their Supply Chain and Logistics Operations in order to achieve Supply Chain Excellence.

'ISC' Conferences address how using the latest strategies and technologies can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately help companies achieve a Return-On-investment within their Supply Chain and Logistics operations in order to improve their Value Chains.

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'ISC' Clinics

'ISC' Clinics is an exclusive Peer-to-Peer Networking Club which holds closed workshops in a roundtable format.  The clinics address Supply Chain and Logistic issues from specific and non-specific industry sectors.  

'ISC' Clinics have been designed in order to encourage open exchange of experiences, help develop strategies amongst fellow industry peers and direct delegate's understanding on how to implement specific solutions by looking at the issues from a theoretical point of view, followed by the best practises for implementation, benchmarking and achieving a Return-On-Investment from the implementation.  'ISC' Clinics are held nationally & regionally.

The 'Clinics' are for senior decision makers and are by invitation only.  Access to the 'ISC' Clinics is strictly for delegates who hold positions of Director and above within Distribution, Finance, IT & IS, Logistics, Manufacturing, Operations, Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Warehousing.

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