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‘ISC’ Shop is a UK supplier of high quality Security Seals, Loadware and the delivery of confidential documents and products.

Our continuous growth is driven by a focus on innovation and a commitment to design and quality. These core values are evident in our comprehensive range of high quality products from conventional mechanical seals to RFID-enabled electronic seal, loading solutions including strapping, lashing and dunnage bags as well as confidential documentation delivery solutions – all purpose-built to meet the most discerning of customer requirements.

‘ISC’ Shop offers a full range of quality security products at very competitive prices – a winning combination that has propelled us to be the preferred supplier for many leading companies who justifiably count on our support, reliability and integrity.

Our products are associated with industry leaders in the transport sector for land, sea, rail and air. The effectiveness and versatility of our seals have also secured customers in industries like Retail, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, ICT, Hospitality, Healthcare, Casinos, Security Companies, Courier, Banks and Manufacturing industries.

For more information on products and prices, please fill in the enquiry form below.  When entering quantity, please note all plastic seals are boxed per 1000. Prices are quoted and discounts applied based on quantity/frequency of orders. We respond to all sales enquries with a bespoke quote within 24hours.

Our products and services are designed and built for securing the global supply chain!

Security Seals

Dragon Seal WP
The Dragon Seal WP is designed for optimal tamper-evidence. The seal features an easy-to-apply metal locking device and large flap area, making this one of the most practical bag seals for high-security applications.

The Dragon Seal WP can be used on any kind of sack or bag  designed  for  high-value  transportation.




The Simulock is easy to apply and easy to inspect. This seal optimizes security while saving valuable time and money. The unique features found on the Simulock make it much more than just another ring seal. The Simulock is widely used for trucks and tankers, customs control, airline cargo, warehouses, roll cages, rail wagons, empty shipping containers etc. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.



Triple Tight Seal
There are two versions of the Triple Tight Seals - Standard (TTS) and Special (TTSP).

The strap on the Triple Tight Special is a mere 4 mm wide compared to the standard Triple Tight, which is 5 mm wide.

The Special version is equipped with an advanced floating locking mechanism that makes it more user-friendly and makes colour-coding an additional option. Typical applications: banks and security cmpanies, airlines, ground transportations, mail services, hospitals, casinos, hotels and tankers.

Fleet Lock

Fleet Lock


 The Fleet Lock does more than most other seals when securing your assets. When the Fleet Lock is locked correctly, the toes protrude through the back of the locking chamber.





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